KSK Keramat route 0.2

2nd time as leader experience, brought 3 young ladies to Keramat route, 2 regular and 1 newbie. Hui Xian and Jamie seem have passion in to this job, hopefully 1 day will become leader.
Date: 17/06/2017
Team: Keramat
Time finished: 12.43am
Packs distributed: 15
Packs Request for next week: 18

1. 2 sets given to regular client at RHB bank Ampang Point.

2. 1 set given to Ah Seng at Ampang Yong Tau Fu stop.

3. At Wangsa Maju LRT station,1 set given to Pakcik Abdullah.

4. Along Jalan Genting Klang, there were 4 clients. The Caveman, the 2 regular uncles, 1 indian lady (she said she will go make a new IC next week).

5.  On pedestrian bridge in front of Wisma MCA, 8 clients were there.

6. 2 clients at pedestrian bridge in front of Corus Hotel.

Everything went smoothly with great help from 1 newbie and 2 regular volunteers.

– End of Report –

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